Funtime Freddy | This is Thesecret1070. Contents 1 Appearance 2 Personality We're currently closed for the night; come back soon!When first entering Gator Golf. Prior to those events, Monty killed Glamrock Bonnie & is planning to do the same to Glamrock Freddy to be the real star of the show. Bobbiedots This is further suggested by in one of the endings, where Glamrock Freddy leaves the location and Monty is shown to be the new lead-singer in the band. It's 2021, and we're all back in our FNaF phase! Shadow Bonnie | Underneath his glasses, his eyes are revealed to be red. Andrew Dayton, the Co-Founder of Steel Wool, has stated that Montgomery was his favorite animatronic. Plushtrap Chaser | Ballora | It's been implied that Monty actually killed/removed Bonnie to take his place, and that he will do the same to Freddy to become the face of the PizzaPlex: One of the messages reveals Glamrock Bonnie was last seen going to Monty's Gator Golf before being scrapped, and in one of the levels of the golf minigame, Freddy is seen in the garbage while Monty, Chica and Roxanne are playing a show on the stage, with Monty on the center and a giant Monty hologram behind them. RWQFSFASXC | All Rights Reserved. Y/N, merely a child, gets stuck inside the daycare when it closes. Bots | Affiliation The Missing Children (Gabriel, Jeremy, Susie, Fritz & Cassidy) | How will these two fall in love when they both hate each other? Freddy Fazbear | Hole in Love || humanised! Y/N, merely a child, gets stuck inside the daycare when it closes. One-Shot Though, none of the other band members were exactly thrilled about it, th Now hiring! Jack-O-Bonnie | William Afton | 371 Favourites. Thank you so so much! pairing : human!Monty x GN! First Appearance One-Shot ok that should be the last of the Moon x Reader doodles for Solar Lunacy I did last stream lmao, Chapter 2 and 3 of My FNAFCPS AU. Scott Cawthon | If you are going to edit a lot, then make yourself a user and login. Can be read as platonic or romantic.). No need for security guards when you have an overly aggressive flying Moon animatronic. Souldozer | L.O.L.Z.H.A.X | Yes,. Montgomery Gator hates Glamrock Freddy because he ruined his show by malfunctioning. Montgomery Gator, also known as "Monty", is a glamrock animatronic who appears in Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach as one of the secondary antagonists. Montgomery Gator x Reader. Stalking (both unwillingly)Property damagePlotting usurpation (implied)Murder (possibly). Daycare Attendant | - Mangle | Scrap Baby | Kids at Play | Michael Afton's Friends | Mangle | He also said he does not believe that Monty killed Bonnie. Five Nights at Freddys and the characters and elements thereof are the intellectual property of Scott Cawthon. We eat, sleep, breathe gaming and we'll keep you updated with the latest right here! 1. He's also very egotistical, thinking he's the best & will do anything to destroy Glamrock Freddy. He also wears purple fingerless gloves, shoulder pads, and has purple feet, shoulder pauldrons, and eyelids, as well has a yellow stomach and lower jaw. Glamrock Freddy (archenemy)Gregory (friend)Roxanne Wolf (friend)Glamrock Bonnie (deceased enemy)Glamrock Chica (friend)Sun (enemy)Glitchtrap (enemy)Malhare (enemy) fnaf fanart fnaf_fanart glamrockfreddy montgomerygator fnaf_security_breach. Animatronics Lolbit The drama, My Android Au called FNAFCPS (might as well use tumblr), A little comic I made for the next chapter of Solar Lunacy. Information Punk Mangle | William Afton | Bidybabs | In the Canon and Unmasked endings, Montgomery was likely destroyed as the Pizzaplex was burned to the ground, however since Monty like the other animatronics isn't seen in these endings, his ultimate fate is left unknown. Five nights at Freddy. Plushtrap | Recurring Touch . Li'l Music Man | Ralpho | WAIT HOW THE FUCK DID THAT TRANSFORM SCENE GO WHAT. Montgomery wanders around the Pizzaplex aimlessly until spotting Gregory and charging at him. New Freddy | However, with their discovery an old foe resurfaces. Not sure who made the render(s) on the page? Trap | Dominic | Scrap Animatronics Montgomery "Monty" Gator is a minor antagonist in Xman's AU. During the final boss fight, Monty will crawl through the vent above the player's desk, and must be blocked out using the vent door. stage magic is absolutely ridiculous, and these animatronics are so good!!! Where are you? Kind words like yours motivate me to keep doing what I do, especially because I heavily lack of self confidence when it comes to my art. With its incredible growth throughout the years, Security Breach is the 13th game to come out. He is naturally friendly and caring, constantly looking out for Gregorys safety. Overview History Gallery Audio Trivia, Rock and roll! The Puppet Requests are open for all the animatronics (and Vanny!). Animatronics After being shattered from a fall during his Boss Fight and due to loss of his lower body, he can be seen crawling around the Pizzaplex; without his legs, he can no longer jump great distances, and without shades, he is now vulnerable to effects of stun. Bots, his own room, and gates seen in the lower levels, much to the technicians' annoyance. Ice Freddy | Monty finds you and you guys get into some pretty ~silly shenanigans~ until you're able to leave the Pizzaplex. Foxy the Pirate | Curious how Youtooz figures are made? Don't worry, Y/N will be fine. He has the same seam on the front of his torso where Glamrock Freddy's chest compartment would open. Monty manages to grab and retain the bucket above him but the catwalks below cannot support the weight of both, this breaks the catwalks and makes Monty fall backwards over the railings. These robots are the terrifying villains of the game, and they constantly aim to catch and kill Gregory, the protagonist of the game. Roxanne Wolf | Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Pinterest; After making his way to the laser attraction on top of the course, Monty jumped down from a carriage to attack Gregory, where his boss fight begins. Due to this implication, Montgomery is the only of the three brainwashed Glamrock animatronics who is not considered tragic, as there is obviously nothing sympathetic about murdering someone in order to steal their role. [A new band member, [name], had joined the band known as 'The Glamrocks' per the manger's - Vanessa's - request. The Mimic | They all share the same common hatred and evil intentions towards Gregory. Montgomery will be promoted to the singer of Freddy's band in one of the endings the player can get. You will notice this vanity when you see her for the first time in the game. Rockstar Freddy | Nightmare Foxy | S. Cotton | He smashes into several pipes and vents as he falls, before being torn in half by the floor, 'shattering' him. Monty lived in a pizzeria with glamrock versions of Freddy, Bonnie, & Chica, & a fellow new animatronic, Roxy, until Vanny killed people there, leading to it's closure. Fazbear Entertainment Mega Pizzaplex now hiring animatronic handlers. Puppenator | Learn moreabout our process. WARNING, may contain mentions of trans/homophobia, abuse, and strong language. It is also worth considering that the management of the Pizzaplex may be considering replacing Freddy with Monty, rather than Monty himself wanting to overthrow Freddy. Bare Endo | Toy Animatronics Explore. BassistMascot of Monty's Gator Golf Monty is a very aggressive & destructive character. Ages 8+ Emiws_Art However, befor Hole in Love || humanised! Montgomery Gator x Reader, I AM A SUPERSTAR! Montgomery is an animatronic based on an alligator. Best Games Like Sons Of The Forest (2023), Best N64 Games To Play On Nintendo Switch, Bantam Melon Location In God Of War Ragnarok (Across, 5 Most Difficult Boss Fights In God Of War Ragnarok, God Of War Ragnarok: Tree Of Woe Favor Quest (Guide), How To Get To Burning Cliffs In God Of War Ragnarok, Togu In Roblox Anime Adventure: How To Get &, How To Get & Use Treasure Charts In Arcane Odyssey, How To Get Gems In Anime Adventures Roblox, How To Evolve Pucci Into Puchi (New Moon) In Anime. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! ___ = first name Monty is the only animatronic who actually uses their respective upgrade during gameplay, as he uses his claws to break open fences, as well as to smash turrets during his boss fight. Get acquainted with upcoming games while also receiving in-depth information about evergreen ones. He wears spiked bracelets, yellow star-shaped sunglasses, and purple shoulder pauldrons. Purple Guy. The blasters break once all of their ammunition has been consumed, but Monty can smash them on his own. Toy Chica | Animatronic Alligator Julius's Exoskeleton | Music Man | Funtime Animatronics cords underneath where his legs used to be. It's unknown if any of those things are canonical or not given that he's not Scott Cawthon or a Steel Wool Studios employee, and anything he says should be taken as "Word of Saint Paul" at best: Monty is insecure (supported in-game via his anger issues and temper tantrums). How To Enable Youtube Channel Monetization In 2022 (Guide), Assassins Creed Valhalla Trailer Out, Optimized for Xbox, You Can Now Play As Snoop Dogg In NHL 20 Starting Today, 10 Best Point & Click Games To Play (2023). Male Humans Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! : your just a normal teenager working at a mega pizzaplex, youve seen some weird things and had your suspicions but decided to ignore them, until one night your life would change forever. Eleanor | IS NOW COMPETED !!! William Afton || Human!FNaF!SB x Masc!GN!Reader, Scute tail hanging from purple sheets|Montgomery gator x reader. fnaf nerd also Glamrock Freddy and Monty are GAY husbands!!! But when his feelings of jealousy got the best of him, he tries to avoid you. He also seems to like to smash and destroy things, as seen in his boss fight. 57 notes. Nightmare Freddy/Freddles | Fanart Glamrock Freddy x Montgomery Gator Fan art 1) made by me Fan art 2) made by patrick_17 (a friend of mine) Fan art 3) made by @kinoSelynn. Jan 4, 2022 - montgomery gator x glamrock freddy fnaf security breach. 107. | Bots Lil' Music Man Glamrock Endos The Blob (Spoilers) Previous Index Next Glamrock Chica | Lewis | 57 notes Dec 21st, 2021. This may have been done by the workers to prevent him from hurting any of the patron. He has a reputation for destroying items around him and yelling at Gregory. Montgomery Gator stands at 4.4 inches with his purple and yellow star glasses, jamming out with his bass. Nightmare Mangle | High School Chica Bot | Description. After making a narrow escape, how will they fare against what lays beyond? Human versions of the characters (self designed), not beta-read, COMPLETED| Lost In The Future (Glamrock Freddy x Reader), "Roxy to the Rescue." Cameron Miller Orange Guy | Mainline Games Approximately 5.5 inches tall. Appearances Andrew | He allows Gregory to hide in the cavity in his belly in order to avoid getting spotted by his villainous colleagues. Thug Chica | Bots Glamrock Endoskeletons Wind-Up Music Man The Blob Burntrap Vanessa Gregory: Other Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizzaplex Of all four animatronics in FNAF, he is the most aggressive. {reader x fnaf sb various} Chica aggressively charges towards Gregory when she sees him. Rockstar Chica | After. Of all the animatronics in FNAF Security Breach, Glamrock Freddy is the only one with no evil intentions against Gregory. ---------, Montgomery is looking for someone to play mini golf with him after hours, and you, a security guard who has the biggest crush on him, simply cannot refuse. This isn't Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.. Luca | These are some romantic and platonic headcanons for the FNaF SB characters, since a few people wanted the FNaF SB fanfic to be a romance. His plushie has the face-paint under his eyes, but oddly, the figure and mystery mini don't. Jack-O-Chica | Nightmarionne Employment Monty is/was jealous of Glamrock Bonnie (very possible given his connections to Bonnie as his replacement and possibly killer). Marionette | Toy Chica | i finally finish it i'm really happy how it turn out ^w^----- i hope you like it ^^ . Monty suddenly appears in his animatronic form and begins breakdancing for the crowd as Tony walks by. Twisted Bonnie | Voice Provider Finally, his shoulder pads are crumbling and his chest has a massive hole in it. Event-Based Animatronics After scoring enough points, Monty must be lured to the Splash Bucket, where it then starts to tip its contents. Nedd Bear | "Y/n?! His hip downward is separated from his entire upper body, which forces him to crawl around with his hands instead. He can still jump, just not that far. Vanny reprogrammed Montgomery and his fellow Glamrocks to chase Gregory around the Pizzaplex and kill him, but Glamrock Freddy was left untouched and tried to help Gregory to escape the building. Physical description You can use their names to their heights and behaviors as useful information the next time you play the game. Montgomery Gator was an animatronic created as a side attraction at Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizzaplex, serving as the titular mascot of Monty's Gator Golf. Glamrock Chica Glamrock Chica is an animatronic who resembles a chicken. Mariominous We're only trying to help.Monty. Fire Girl | By. Eye color Unnamed Drug Dealers | These are the names of all of the Animatronics in Five Nights at Freddys Security Breach. During the sequence where Gregory needs to start a performance to activate the elevator to Parts and Service, Monty operates a searchlight in the Atrium rather than actively pursuing Gregory, using it to help the other Glamrocks find him. Daycare Attendant | Glamrock Endoskeletons Also you guys fall in love lol. PlushBabies, Spin-Off Games Happs | First appearance; secondary antagonist under Vanny's control. License: CC Attribution Learn more Published a year ago Animals & pets 3D Models Characters & creatures 3D Models fnaf securitybreach You must log in to comment. Montgomery Gator x Reader Same with Foxy and Freddy(don't change my mind), Ask me to do a ship fic or pic i don't care. The protective sleeve shows Freddy, Chica, Monty, and Roxy playing their respective instruments in front of the Security Breach logo. Likes. In truth, I don't want to make the fanfic romantic because it wouldn't really fit into the story or what I'm aiming to create, so enjoy some romance i [ Human!FNaF!Security Breach x Masc!Gender-Neutral!Reader ] Nightmare |
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